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Digby Hildrith, Journey with Cancer

In March 2013 former editor of Bryon Shire News, Digby Hildreth, was diagnosed with liver cancer after a CT scan revealed the presence of four tumours in his liver. Two years on this inspirational man is still fighting. For an … Continue reading

Differences between conventional and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy

As many of you may have seen, a recent BBC news report (February 2015) highlighted new research into how conventional hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can increase the risk of some ovarian cancers. Whilst the increased risk of breast cancer is … Continue reading

What is synthetic hair?

Synthetic hair comes in many varieties, and recent technological innovations, such as light-weight, ‘memory-effect’ wigs which mimic the movement of real human hair, have produced a much more natural product than was previously available.   Pros and cons of synthetic … Continue reading