Your Questions

    Do you supply male wigs?

    We create wigs for both men and women, either to match a previous style or a fresh new look, as required. Our ready-made wigs are designed in-house by our creative director, for both men and women.

    Where are we?

    8 Turnchapel Mews, London SW4 0PX We're in a gated Mews off Cedars Road, with ample parking right outside our rooms. Please press No 8 on the keypad at the gates and walk or drive in.

    Can I bring one or more friends?

    Yes of course. We are happy to welcome your companions and we'll be guided by you as to how much or little of the consultation process you would like them to share.

    How long are the consultations?

    For your first consultation please allow up to two hours.

    What happens if I cannot make a decision at the first consultation?

    Absolutely no problem. You are always welcome to come back later.

    Is there natural light in your consultation room?

    Yes. It is very light and comfortable. Please see the pictures on our consultation page .

    Do you sell cheap wigs or hold wig sales?

    Our wigs are very competitively priced and we are confident you won't find a better value product and service. We design our wigs for individuals rather than fashion trends, so we don't find any need to off-load products in seasonal sales.

    Are there any other costs other than my hair system?

    Your first two consultations are free of charge. Following that we charge a nomical fee of £65 per consultation. If your choose one of our wigs, we gift you a complimentary care pack with everything you need to keep your new hair looking as fresh as when you first fell in love with it.

    Do you offer home or office consultations?

    Yes. Please call us to enquire.

    Will I pay VAT on my wig?

    Not if it is in relation to a medical condition. We have the relevant forms here for you to complete.

    Do you take credit cards?

    Yes, all major credit cards except American Express. Cheques with a banker’s card.

    Do you provide a wig grooming service?

    Yes, we provide an excellent wig grooming service for those who require it.

    Do you donate to any cancer charities?

    We donate a proportion of our proceeds to cancer charities.

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