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How to wear a wig

For all of us, wearing a wig takes a little psychological adjustment. It’s very natural to feel a bit self-conscious on your first excursions outside your comfort zone.

If this is the first time you have considered a wig, you may feel apprehensive about other people’s perceptions, or about whether or not your hair looks ‘obviously fake’. That’s one reason we invite you to bring trusted companions to your consultations, who can then help you experience our range, try wigs on and make choices, if you wish them to.


We want your wig to be a source of confidence, self-assurance and pride. Here’s how we do it:

1. Choose a hand-tied, lace cap wig. Our lace frontal wigs ensure a natural-looking hairline across the forehead and temples, while a full lace cap covers the whole head, allowing your new hair to be raised in a pony-tail or other up-do without showing any give-away wig base.

2. You may want a style very similar to one you had before losing your hair. Our customers tell us that with our custom wigs, it’s impossible to tell the difference, whether you opt to use your own hair or not.

3. On the other hand, you may see your consultation as a chance to try something new – even two or three different looks. Many of us find experimenting with hairstyles and colours that we could never have considered with our own hair to be surprisingly fun, and this can be a refreshing, revitalizing and inspiring element of our consultations.

4. Choose a wig of undetectable quality, and have it fitted to your head shape by a wig specialist. Our customers never leave without learning how to adjust their wigs themselves. If the wig is lightweight and the base is breathable, you’ll soon forget it’s even there. We’ve never sold a customer a wig they were not comfortable in, and certainly not one they were unhappy with.

5. Finally, use our cutting and styling service, or get your own hairdresser to trim, layer or thin your wig, to get it exactly how you want it. No more bad hair days, or grown-out styles – with a little loving care your wig will always look good!

We offer free consultations and home visits in the London area. To help you keep your new hair as fresh as the day you fell in love with it, we offer a complimentary maintenance and wig care pack with every purchase.

Get in touch to find out more about our range of services or to book your free consultation.



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