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What is synthetic hair?

Synthetic hair comes in many varieties, and recent technological innovations, such as light-weight, ‘memory-effect’ wigs which mimic the movement of real human hair, have produced a much more natural product than was previously available.


Pros and cons of synthetic wigs

For most of us, the main advantage of synthetic hair is affordability. As synthetic hair is made entirely of synthetic fibres and contains no human hair at all, it is much cheaper than our real hair alternatives. Also, for some of our customers, a wig which does not need daily styling and comes preset, is a serious advantage. If regularly washing and styling a wig is difficult or undesirable for you, consider a synthetic alternative.

Another advantage of synthetic hair wigs over real hair wigs is that they keep applied colour –  permanently. We’ve worked hard to create a range of partial and full synthetic wigs which mirror as closely as possible the appearance of real hair, using the latest ‘memory-effect’, lightweight fibres. These are virtually indistinguishable from human hair.

On the downside, while our best quality synthetic wigs do appear very natural, they are more prone to tangling and heat and friction damage than a real human hair wig. Because of this, we always provide you with a complimentary Chamomile Suite wig maintenance and care pack, containing everything you need to keep your new wig looking as fresh as the day you fell in love with it.


Which to choose, real or synthetic?

It’s a very personal choice. But if the benefits of synthetic hair sound appealing, don’t write it off until you have seen our in-house range. Our creative director has designed a selection of wigs for men and women, using the latest, natural effect synthetic fibres, which we are very proud to offer as practical, attractive and affordable hair replacement solutions.

At each of our free consultations, you are invited to touch, feel and try on our ready-made wigs, either alone or with a companion, until you are happy you have made the right choice. Our ready-made wigs can be fitted in the same consultation.

We also create custom wigs, using real and synthetic hair. Custom wigs take 4-8 weeks from order to delivery and fitting.

Get in touch to find out more about our beautiful wigs or to book your free consultation. We offer a visiting service within the London area. We welcome you to view our full range at our consultation rooms in South West London.

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