Women in Transition

I am a qualified Life Coach and Lifestyle Consultant, specializing in coaching ‘Women in Transition’.

Women often suffer in silence, many women feel isolated and alone, stuck or over-whelmed. Coaching can help.

Transition is a process or a period of change from one state or condition to another. For women, this may relate to family life and relationships, their health, their career or life forcing them to deal with unexpected changes.

These moments in our lives are often challenging and difficult to manage. I coach and support women as they navigate through complexity and fear, helping them move forward.

Many of us are living lives of conformity, a synthetic life, where we are no longer our true-selves or where life has become so complicated that we have become stuck. Information is so available that it has eclipsed wisdom. When we become over-whelmed it can cloud our ability to move forward and remain in control.

Our ability to connect with other people, to learn from each other, seek counsel, support and guidance is fading. Our ability to recognize our best life, our particular skills and value in the world is shadowed by the pressures and expectations of modern life.

From my own personal journey I believe that being aware of transition and ‘owning’ the process of moving forward is key to changing your path. Without this acceptance, one can get stuck or frozen by fear and self doubt – this can lead to retreating from life’s opportunities and gifts. 

I specialize in coaching women
in the following areas:

Through Cancer and beyond
Children leaving home
Mother’s returning to Work
Divorce or Separation
Single Parenting
Women's Health
Life Style Consulting

What is Coaching?

Coaching helps people recognize and reconnect with their true potential, through a series of thought provoking and sometimes challenging coaching sessions. The expertise of the Coach lies in listening, questioning and reflection at a deep level to their client’s narrative, emotions and body language. This level of focus is key for the Coachee to identify and change well established negative, ‘limiting’ beliefs and assumptions.  Coaching creates a space for your mind and heart to gain confidence, well-being, clarity and action for a positive future.

Coaching Process

Initial chemistry call of 30 minutes on the telephone. Can we work together?
2 Initial diagnostics – exploration and situational analysis. This may involve a questionnaire, interviews or completion of a diagnostic tool. What’s up?
3 Agree on the coaching objective. What we are going to work on?
4 3 x one to one coaching sessions. Closing the gap.

I typically coach clients at my home in London.

About Jane

I am a qualified Life Coach and member of the International Coaching Federation.

I have devoted the last 3 years of my professional life to coaching and supporting women in complex personal transition. This has included coaching women suffering with cancer and helping them reconnect with themselves and move forward with their life path.

Prior to becoming a Life Coach, I consulted as an interior designer and founded and sold a successful luxury gift service business. 

I have also spent the last seven years raising my adopted son Alexei.

TEL — 020 7622 3999
MOB — 07841 312369